Traiano. Not just a brand but a project promoted by an avant-garde creative idea, a new vision of menswear that is not limited to design aesthetically beautiful clothes but decided to focus its cards especially on the substance, on the quality. Dresses like mix of comfort and luxury. Garments entirely made in Italy, the result of a long tradition of tailoring that intelligently does not rest on the already experimented knowledge but gives a nod to the future and its novelty.

To conceive this young men's clothing brand is Filippo Colnaghi. Heir to a strong family experience in the textile world, the son and grandson of experts before the industry, especially producers of technical fabrics suited to sportswear and underwear. And from here, from its origins the idea. Why use a texture so highly qualitative only in small doses, in minimal clothing? Finalist of the contest Who Is On Next? Man 2016, fashion scouting organized by Pitti Immagine in collaboration with Altaroma and L’Uomo Vogue, Filippo then continues on the path directed by Nino grandfather and father Giuseppe finding and tracing other routes, discovering new views and founding a brand able to contain and hold together what has already been and what will be. The young brand which Filippo Colnaghi's founder and CEO, and Andrea Busnelli product developer, is a real depiction of contemporary man.

Dynamic, elegant but at the same time practical, attentive to detail but never eccentric or over rows. Coy of the fleeting trends and lover of a timeless allure. The real turning point of Traianohas been to using in innovative ways Sensitive Fabrics, fabric born from the union of Lycra and polyamide microfiber, applying on it a digital print in 3d capable of creating any type of texture known, creating a texture ladderproof, elastic and waterproof. The garments are so lightweight, breathable and crease-resistant, perfect for every hour and everyday activities. Prints more classic taste will transpose of modern technical items for unique style and different, far from stereotypes or banal cliches. The textile revolution signed Traiano bride rigorous forms, linear and clean like a gentleman, attentive to detail, from the profiles in vitamin orange outerwear, architected to overlaps, construction of a look nice and studied peculiarly from the shirt, to the mesh until to the jacket. The new dandy. Beauty of yesteryear. Eyes straight ahead to the future. For info

Giulia Fucile