Samanta Russo is tailoring, excellence, attention to detail. Passion and dedication have led this young brand to a highly recognizable style, aesthetics conceived for the discerning woman who loves to enhance their femininity in an exclusive manner, without sacrificing comfort.

Samanta Russo, the daughter of a fascinating ancient history and traditions of Haute Couture, after a stylistic training, theoretical and practical in big firms, becomes the creator of a unique style, based on the use of noble materials. The eponymous brand was born from the ashes of the historical family business with the intention of honoring a passion inherited from great-grandmother. Clothing exclusively hand made by specialized seamstresses, produced in limited edition for fabrics and sizes, entirely Made in Italy.

Samanta Russo combines aesthetic value great attention to the social, combining the creativity and beauty with respect for the environment, producing only ecological clothing and not using materials derived from the exploitation of animals. For the Spring-Summer 2016 collection, the emphasis is on a color palette based mainly on white and gray, with light fabrics, intriguing transparencies, volumes that caress the body in mild manner.

Light lines, geometric patterns for a contemporary woman audacious, attentive to detail. The Samanta Russo creations, between softness and fluidity, they evoke the style and elegance of decidedly retro era, redefining in innovative ways concept of femininity in sensual aura, it takes on a variety of rich hues. For info