Nadine S: ban on brakes and restrictions, welcome fantasy. Symbols and pendants for funny high-end jewelry but never bulky, snobby or too demanding. To charge only the weight of a smile, a precious lightheartedness. A little for fun, a bit as a challenge, a bit by intuition, Nadine S becomes from the embryonic idea to built successful project.

No incantation but only so much talent and patient perseverance have enabled the young jewelry designer Nadine Sciara to see her dream take shape, line and then real consistency. A degree in Economy and a job as a financial advisor were only the right beginning of a story, but not her story. Sketches, designs, metals and jewelry: this is the destiny for her marked.

So in Vicenza, her home town, Nadine Sciara gets closer to that world for her actually already known, already alive in her family devoted to goldsmith tradition. From initial lanyards waxed enriched with natural stones or small pendants composite collections and formed on a clearly recognizable style, precisely, the result of a brand, Nadine S, attentive to the needs of a dynamic woman, always ready to juggle in a hectic everyday life without lose sight of herself.

Geometric bracelets become ironic accessories with eyelashes or red bounding mouths; a shooting star is straight straight pose on a structured ring, a heart starts beating on a finger. stiff collars for a ladylike look, fan earrings for a vintage allure, a true queen day with lobed crowns. Nadine S is lightness, freedom. In life and in style. For info

Giulia Fucile