Abstract: from the photo shoot to the fabric through fashion. Movements, moments, instants. Captured furtively. A click. Louder than a sound, a word, a cry. Snapshots as ideas of distant construction, imaginary dream. Abstract photographs capable of becoming in their utter uniqueness subject of printed silks, fine texture, the stars of a brand that is not just talk about fashion, but of emotion taken and printed in elegant scarves.

A move around the lens of this special way of being and doing fashion is Anna Molteni, born in 1983, since young devoted to textile studies. A graduate in Industrial Design and specialized in Fashion Design, also cultivated her passion for visual communication. Notable her work experience: from the training activity in the textile research studio Chiron, to work at the LabFoto of Politecnico di Milano, at work in the studio of Andrea Incontri. Following a London brackets, she becomes a freelancer in graphic and photographic industry. And then the turning point, the illumination.

It is just behind the goal that her eyes comes to capture what others have not been able to see, look. To know how to build with skill and tailoring a brand that just spoke with the image, with the power of color, the excitement of light. So in 2014 born Abstract. In the next Autumn Winter 2016-17 collection to printing and to the photographic image blur technique, are added the experimentation on the fabric and final product. The classical world, the brand's mood, where each individual image is identical to the original shot without any digital manipulation, add the heat and the curate.

The essence of heat is wool, where processing and handmade dyeing make each piece equal only to itself, in its most precious uniqueness: contemporary and highly qualitative. The world cared it feeds instead, insatiable, of material research: precious textile entities become bases for work performed on the finished garment, from the lurex applications twisted yarns, dyes applied to spray, lamination and much more. For a unique accessory. The light shows her best shades radiating between confusing and dazzling strokes of color. Foulard light, fluids. Paintings by abstract art. For info www.am-abstract.it

Giulia Fucile