Phactory Lab is creativity and design, innovation and modernity. A young brand that wants to establish itself in the fashion scene with a sophisticated style, sometimes futuristic, exploiting the use of technical fabrics for garments with a casual allure.

Phactory Lab is a brand launched in 2014 by Marianne Cancrini, always passionate of a conceptual fashion. After a stay in London, the young designer decided to study Fashion Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome. Upon graduation, in 2012, after some industry experience, she decided to pursue her own personal path by launching a brand with a high experimental content.

Simplicity, linearity, quality and uniqueness characterize the Phactory Lab brand. The excellence of Made in Italy is revealed in the materials used, the craftsmanship, accuracy of detail. It is redefined the concept of luxury that crosses the classic style to project a new dimension made of avant-garde and conceptual.

The Fall-Winter 2016/17 is a combination of material and geometry: geometric cuts are made sinuous of neoprene. The rigidity of form is thus offset by a soft and porous fabric, creating a three-dimensional effect. Versatile clothes that give sensuality and femininity on the wearer. Metropolitan style that looks to the future. For info