Numeroventidue: think, choose, try, compose. Disassembled and reassembled as long as you want, as long as you like. And if you do not like the result no problem! Begins to play and to recreate the Numeroventidue for you. If you still have not understood what it is ... simple Numeroventidue is the bag created by you!

Landed on the market just over a year ago, the Numeroventidue hiding just in fun, assembled structure, the key to their success. At step of a real outfits, these are made up of more combined elements: the shell, the body, top, united or divided, only a click or a zip, only to be studs or zips.

Unmissable detail? Detachable shoulder strap or chain to never lose sight of functionality. A look at all points, a custom unique, customizable from three basic models in different sizes: the impeccable Turtle bag, the stylish Ladybug, practice Kanga bag.

Bags of infinite personality, of a thousand faces and ways of being returned to the rescue by offering new shades and new textures with the Fall Winter 2016-17. Ironic eyes a little heart for the pop version of the Turtle bag; shower of stars, fur or colored camouflage for eccentric Ladybug; contrasting color blocks for Kanga bag.

To feel a bit designers for a day. Build your own style, your own unique bag. And then what are you waiting? You just have to get started! For info

Giulia Fucile