A change of thoughts, behaviors, clothes. Fashion, which does not change only with time and with the seasons, anticipates and dresses new ways of living, doing and thinking.

Always a step forward, fashion studies and searches for new ways of manifesting itself. Without polluting, without discarding, without exceeding. In fact, fashion has accelerated the pace towards an increasingly green and environmentally friendly supply chain. The choice of new processes, the selection of dead stock fabrics, raw materials saved from pulp and destined for a new life.

Upcycling, the creative recycling of unused fabrics and garments is one of the first applications of sustainable fashion. In the name of a circular economy, adverse to overproduction, fashion finds in old jeans, waste leather, vintage furnishing fabrics a treasure to be discovered and a future to be rewritten.

Starting from the existing, new names in Made in Italy fashion create unique, exclusive and unrepeatable pieces. Unavailable, unrepeatable creations starting from the same raw material, recovered and transformed with artisanal and sustainable processes.

Garments and accessories that tell a story, starting from their very substance: a narrative in chapters with a green ending. Made of time, creativity, research, experimentation, exploration of new languages. Contemporary, sustainable, revolutionary.


Upcycling therefore not only reuses but creates, gives a new value to the garment and accessory made using existing waste or products. Like a second chance, like the possibility of bringing out the best from that yarn, fabric or discarded garment. A new opportunity.

Making sustainable fashion that integrates upcycling, recovery and transformation into its supply chain, certainly does not go against fashion that is attentive to style rather than design. On the contrary: sustainable fashion aims for an even higher quality, often impeccable manufacturing. It is rich, full of awareness and personality. The revolution starts with you: discover and wear sustainable fashion.