Valentina Poltronieri's collections have always been inspired by her travels. Shades of Soul, the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, tells a very special, imaginary one.

A mix of shapes, fabrics and colors that look far away but which come to life entirely in the young designer's laboratory. Due to the global context, everything has stopped, even the movements… but not the desire and strength to imagine.
So Valentina Poltronieri starts from women and from the desire to make them dream, to transport them on a new, engaging and exciting journey.

Shades of Soul tells a vivid story of colors, sensations and even smells: the protagonist is Marrakesh, the city "embraced by a light that elevates the soul". It is Marrakesh, with all its typical features, at the center of every garment and creation.

Each piece is characterized by an essential, functional, elegant design, made and designed for chic women but at the same time attentive to comfort and portability. From shirt to shorts, from midi dress to t-shirt: the cards of style, details and colors are mixed. And reinvent yourself.

midi printed dress Alessandro De Benedetti
white eremo shoulder bag
sneakers emanuelle vee


In Shades of Soul, the wardrobe classics are all there but in a totally new, contemporary way, that is to say… alive. The fabrics chosen and used are synonymous with quality: viscose for prints, linen, cotton and regenerated yarns that make the brand's creations more and more sustainable.

Valentina Poltronieri's Spring/Summer 2022 collection mixes the dynamism and vitality of her imaginary journey to Marrakesh with the fluidity and functionality of versatile and well-fitting garments. The essential silhouettes are embellished with elements and details, such as fringed edges and tassels. And for the colors… the palette does not limit the imagination. Majorelle Blue, deep and intense, ocher and orange of spices, red of carpets, beige and desert tones, indigo, green.

A collection, a color wardrobe: discover now the new Shaded of Soul collection by Valentina Poltronieri.

jumpsuit ellementi
sneakers luca berioli
mini bag adelaide c.