Just a few and the right ones are enough: thanks to the accessories you can transform your look from basic to chic. Yes, because you don't need to wear exaggerated looks or clothes to get noticed but just follow a few simple tips and create exclusive combinations focusing on exclusivity.

Even the most classic blazer, the timeless black little dress, jeans or a basic white t-shirt, when combined with the right accessories, can take on a completely different style. Have fun mixing your must-haves with refined accessories: in a few simple steps you can create many different outfits. And transform your look from basic to chic! How? Let's find out together...

Bold, colorful, with feathers, handmade ... the headbands give great personality to even the simplest outfit. Their (great) style will certainly not make you go unnoticed: it softens the face, makes even the most casual look chic, adds a touch of that extra touch of glam that never hurts. Have fun choosing your favorite among the many colors!

Here yes, the bag and not... a bag. The accessory, together with shoes, most loved by women can really make the difference in a look. Bet everything on the mini: exclusive, precious and handcrafted bags. Green light to colors and shapes: very small and colorful to mix even more than one set, shoulder bag to wear crossed with your outfits, on the shoulder for vintage lovers or by hand for a super chic result!

Earrings, yes but XXL! To transform a basic look into chic one of the ways is to focus on jewelry, in particular on earrings. Illuminate your face and your combinations with large, sparkling earrings or with original geometric shapes. Embellish your dailywear with gold, silver or stones: to be worn as a couple or alone, they will immediately make your look super exclusive.

Its elegance has no end. The most famous silk handkerchief in the world has continued for generations to rank among the evergreen accessories that cannot be missed in the women's wardrobe. To be worn around the neck but also to give a touch of color to a bag, tied to the handle, or even as a precious bow around a tail or a chignon. Who can forget the famous Audrey Hepburn with her scarf on her head and large sunglasses: a style icon that still continues to set trends today. Choose beautiful prints, have fun wandering with patterns and colors and wear the scarf as if it were a bandana: a real touch of class.

No heels but still chic. You can add a good dose of exclusivity and sophistication without necessarily getting on high or dizzying heels. Combine your suits or light dresses with a ballerina with a sophisticated design, pointed and with attention to materials or details or opt for a contemporary style slipper, playing with prints, details and colors.