Valentina Rangoni's new Spring/Summer 2022 collection celebrates the power and femininity of every woman. The young brand made in Florence reinterprets the great cult of footwear through its own vision, through its own unique style.

Contemporary, versatile, wearable every day: every shoe signed by Valentina Rangoni is in step with the times, fashions and desires of women. Not only beautiful but also very comfortable and functional, Valentina Rangoni shoes match daytime looks as well as the most elegant and special evening ones.

The new Spring/Summer 2022 collection is alive, it is full, it is as strong as the women who choose it: full of color and many glam models, it wants to represent femininity in all its forms and facets, always celebrating it.

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The palette plays with different colors, focusing on pastels, sweet and delicate: pink, lilac, yellow, light blue... To contrast the soft tones, the shapes, decisive and bold, take care of it. Valentina Rangoni chooses the square toe for this Spring/Summer 2022 collection: a great comeback in the fashion of the moment, glam and retro at the same time. The square toe, from the sandal to the décolleté to the moccasin or slipper, manages to add a cool touch even to the most minimal outfits. And heels also experiment with new geometries, abandoning the stiletto and preferring thicker and more geometric shapes.

The mix and match of style and personality, of elegance and trend, of color and shape, of sweetness and strength makes Valentina Rangoni's Spring/Summer 2022 collection unique and exclusive. Shoes handcrafted as in the past with the best Italian leathers in the heart of Tuscany: contemporary, current and super cool to feel safe, comfortable, beautiful. To be one step ahead every day.

Discover the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection designed by Valentina Rangoni: now available on

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