Fashion is not just a mix of garments, accessories and styles: it is an affirmation of ourselves, of our personality, of our thoughts. The young made in Italy brand Sans Tabù starts from fashion as a communication tool, as a means to express oneself in total freedom. Dressing what we are, being freely what we are, without masks or interruptions.

No-season collections, timeless garments and accessories made in Italy with art and craftsmanship. No trends and trends, but a fashion made of emotion, quality and storytelling. In fact, Sans Tabù goes beyond conventions and seasons by expressing its point of view on the world, far from homologations and stereotypes.

In the name of timeless beauty, as well as without rules, Sans Tabù creates evergreen, unique and exclusive pieces every day. The 100% Italian brand was born in 2014 as a linen manufacturer and then experimented and created collections dedicated to loungewear and the world of accessories.

midi printed dress Alessandro De Benedetti
white eremo shoulder bag
sneakers emanuelle vee


Kimono, top, sarong, foulard… inspired by playful and “without taboos” concepts, the brand signs original pieces that are never the same if not themselves. In fact, the Sans Tabù collections were born even before design and form: textile research and great art in creating creations designed by artists and graphic designers, ensure the uniqueness of each product.

Contemporary, fresh and always different, Sans Tabù prints stand out for their flair and their story. From Kiss that lights up and distinguishes a mix of garments with a sweet Kiss print, to the Hug with a stylized figure that depicts the embrace and its involvement, to the Desire represented with playful shapes and different colors, just to name a few.

jumpsuit ellementi
sneakers luca berioli
mini bag adelaide c.


Discover all the Sans Tabù creations and finally dress without taboos: you can find exclusive garments and accessories directly on the online shop