In the crowd, in the frenzy of days, in the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities she reflects you, she knows how to speak about you to those who didn't want to catch your words, she surprises you ... the Villa Trentuno bag is your accomplice.

After earning a degree in Fashion Marketing at the La Sapienza University of Rome, the creator and founder of the brand, Emilia Poli, she consolidates her career in the industry thanks to numerous work experiences covering important roles and positions.

And then, then ...

Olive green leather handbag with large buckle and belt to tie it around the waist. by Villa Trentuno
Villa Trentuno leather handbag with double handle.

In 2015 an unconscious ambition, a lot of dedication and the passion of a lifetime, of those types that burn inside, she build an idea: Villa Trentuno is born.

Sophisticated shapes, volumes and designs in the hands of skilled Italian artisans are sweet notes that ring in unison to compose a unique melody, capable of echoing in the soul of the people.

Rich but essential, classic but modern, impactful yet versatile ...

It was 1982 when the affable Nina Simone cantava i sing just to know that i’m alive, i play just to feel that i’ll survive; those words today almost seem to be packaged with needle and thread in the identity of the brand's models. A pretentious self confidence, which does not ask for permission but dares, dares to be itself and thus reveals a bewitching, authentic attractiveness.

The bags of the brand can be customized in color and applications, almost like a sort of white canvas to be soiled with paint and lots of inspiration.

"She is as you wanted her. She is as imperfect as the hands that cut and sewn her. And this is also what makes it unique, like you ".

This is what Villa Trentuno says. Recognize yourself in lustful accessories that talk about you.

Leather Handbag by Villa Trentuno with a semi-arch shape, blue with a gold metal handle that emulates a twig detail
Villa Trentuno mini bag in cream-colored fabric with large but narrow handle; pattern of oblique mini lines

Leather and suede are strictly Italian, carefully chosen in Lucca, a city renowned for the concentration of leather goods and footwear districts. The metal handle that emulates the appearance of a twig, the arc cut, the buckles, the zipper, the shoulder straps that allow the bag to be worn even tightly to the waist to enhance the silhouette ... everything effectively describes the essence of the brand.

Reinvent yourself, discover the exclusive bags of Villa Trentuno.