A journey that begins with the exploration of Belgium, an exemplary land of linguistic and stylistic contamination, ends instead with the rediscovery of yourself. With a good dose of reflection and endless walks through the streets of the most famous European capitals, philosophies, concepts are born and with an innate sharp-eyed insight, FSTD stealthily rises like the sun at dawn.

FSTD, a tribute to the irreverent pleasure of breaking the rules without ifs and buts; the brand is born from the genius of Jacopo Fiorentino.

After studying archeology and art, the young man decides to give voice to those who do not have a voice and what better way if not through design? Thoughts become sketches while fabrics give shape to oversize garments that tell of a straightforward and genuine way of doing things.

Social dogmas, so restrictive and misleading do not belong to him. The aesthetics of the brand is a modern form of protest, a successful paraphrase of the vicious urban world and street culture.

FSTD clothing: the model wears a striped sweater with a V-neck matched with a long coat.
FSTD clothing: the models wear different creations of the brand including shirts and hoodies.

FSTD, the italian word for discomfort without the vowels, the brand since its conception interrupts the boredom of ephemeral fashions. Classic pieces become hybrids, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It all started in January 2017 with the immortal t-shirt revisited in the FSTD key.

From there, a hidden speech starts in the folds of hoodies, trousers with a comfortable cut and shirt-dresses. Women and men are wrapped in an androgenic beauty, the boundaries are faded, in the designer's draw nothing is aberrant, everything is allowed.

Deep colors are combined with the naivety of lilac and white, soft and delicate shapes give space to harsh, provocative graphics and writings; removable sleeves, stripes and boxy structures that evoke bowling uniforms, Swarovski applications, vests and jersey ...

FSTD clothing: the model wears an oversize lilac sweatshirt with hood and Swarovski writing.
FSTD clothing: the model wears an oversized dark coat that runs down to her ankles

Paris, Berlin, London and Amsterdam, cities that are so different yet so equal inspire the characteristic design of FSTD to narrate a nomadic and rough seduction, which finds its home in the 100% Italian manufacture. With cunning and quality, the label manages to merge in its creations the prestige of Made in Italy tailoring with the artistry that has always marked the street style. Unconventional materials (unconventional as its aesthetics) including PVC and glitter paints enliven clean lines of sweatshirts and pants.

A concise sarcasm that is soon taking over with its models, find out more.