"Made in Italy for me is not only an index of quality, but also and above all a concept, the story that an object carries within itsself and wants to tell."

Sogand Nobahar of Nobahar Design Milano

This is how Nobahar lets herself go to a reflection on contemporary Made in Italy. When words are not enough anymore, when what you want to tell is bigger than us all, Italian craftsmanship allows you to reach with hands further places that eyes couldn’t immagine to get to with their gaze.

The designers who choose the persuasion of Made in Italy decide to caress the people soul and do it with care, with an innocent and perhaps a little naive smile, or with the impetus of those who don’t want to stop; what is certain is that they give shape to desires with bold cuts or sophisticated materials, crossing with their creations spots unknown to rationality, of those kind that leave you suspended in mid-air. But more than this Made in Italy is synonymous with trust ...

“I chose Made in Italy for several reasons, but all deriving from an awareness: all of us who have had the privilege of being born in Italy are immersed in a priceless heritage of experience and manufacturing tradition, the beauty and quality of Italian artifacts is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, and it was the love of beauty and the tradition that brought me in my work and professional life to meet entire families that have been transmitting their know-how from father to son for generations. This has inevitably led me to make choices about the production chain, and about the raw materials I choose: knowing where the materials used come from, knowing with certainty who picks up each piece and being able to relate directly with the artisans is a virtuous circle that brings me to learn from them; entrusting myself totally to their experience is essential, without them Arte Facta would not exist. I know the faces of all the people who work for me and it's important because it makes me feel safe; we are a team, or better yet, a family; I know with certainty that nobody is exploited to make my jewels and my bags, this is another of the principles on which my company is founded: respect for human rights.”

Ilaria of Arte Facta

Italian artisans are authors of an endless plot made up of inner gasps, conscience and a dreamlike attractiveness ...