White Mouths, without seam. Perfect. This phonetic anagram of a brand inspired in its name to the concept of mystical dress by Roland Barthes, which encompasses all the bodies. Motor unpublished aesthetic concept convertible, no gender and unseasonal, White Mouths embraces and advocates the idea of a completely new street style based on modular and separable garments, highly experimental.

Made in Italy combined with a sartorial taste northern European, acquired during cosmopolitan studies of emerging designer Irene Silvestri, mind and hand of White Mouths. Backed by a solid academic career focused on the semiotics of fashion, she learned at La Sapienza University in Rome, she further specialized in Fashion Design at Polimoda, and then continue to deepen her knowledge in important european schools. After a definitely educational internship experience for the Salvatore Ferragamo Menswear, where she was able to develop a personal vision about the masculine tailoring, in 2013 Irene launches White Mouths.

The intelligence in grasping the inspirations also from heterogeneous sectors, brought Irene to explore and reinterpret fashion through a very interesting perspective. Cutting-edge garments, shapes and fabrics that go from East to West without ever losing sight of the objective, the concept. More graceful lines, special sleeves, wide shorts join the futuristic volumes of jackets for a mix & match with no equivalent. Maximum expression, textile representation of a way of being unique, in its meaning, in its identity. White Mouths. For info whitemouths.com

Giulia Fucile