Youki is design, style, color, freshness, simplicity, modularity! transformable and multifunctional bags with essential shapes and refined details. And unexpected combinations of different materials combined to create versatile bags with elements of strong personality.

Youki is a young brand of bags and accessories was born in Milan with the desire to create objects with minimal design. A contemporary style and pop expressed through two lines: Youki Maison and Youki Design. Youki Maison is a line of modern and precious bags, completely made of genuine top quality Italian leather.

The structure and construction of the bags tend to simplification of geometries amplified by the color combinations developed in asymmetric and diagonal cuts. Alongside the two-toned Youki develops a mini series of monochrome in which the skin is playfully approached to PVC: handles and colorful and interchangeable straps make buckets, shopping and folders sparkling and innovative. Youki Design is the pop line of the brand and includes five modular and convertible models. Common element bodies of the bags, made of rubberized fabric, in six completely matt colors.

Combinations of materials such as leather and technical fabrics are combined with quality craftsmanship of the the realization made in Italy. Shopping bag that become backpacks, backpacks that are transformed into buckets and hand bag that if necessary they become mini back pack. But as well as being multifunctional these models are modular, so totally customizable. Lots of combinations make each bag incredibly unique! You can buy Youki HERE. For info