Maya Sabbatini, emotional impact molded into small sculptures to wear. Rough surfaces, cold metals, light gilding, rippling contours delineate states of mind forged with passion through the technique of lost wax. Unusual materials, free of any preciousness, become an expression of a new vision, imperfect, of the jewel.

Maya Sabbatini, of Umbrian origins, she moved to Rome to study Oreficeria e Gioielleria at the Accademia Delle Arti Orafe. His artistic formation, based on traditional techniques, then found new ways in experimenting with unusual materials, reaching a well defined personal style, sharp and sometimes intimist. The artistic maturity reached by designers drains away , in 2015, in the launch of the eponymous brand.

The creations of Maya Sabbatini, unique pieces handmade, small works of contemporary art, were chosen for the second edition Artistar Jewels, a Milan show featuring the works of about two hundred selected European designers among the most talented. Important award that highlights the unique and unconventional style of young designers.

The latest collection of Maya Sabbatini, full of visual innovation, is "Kuroi Hana", namely Flowers Blacks. unique pieces inspired by Japan and Sakura, typical cherry trees, reinterpreted by merging black, white and red of the glazes, made luminescent by golden leaves. Fragments of irregularities that tell of trips, delicate emotions, impalpable, subtle memories. Buy Maya Sabbatini's creations HERE. For info