Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 | the youngest fashion walks the runway

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Fashion Graduate Italia 2019, the event conceived by Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda, opens the dances to accompany us until Wednesday 30 October.

Today begins the event that for four days will entertain the curious fashion lovers, any enthusiast will be able to actively participate in the events offered for free after registering on the online portal.

Where is it? In one of the most iconic area of our local fashion capital, at Base Milano, Via Bergognone 34. A dynamic environment is born and every corner is set up to host workshops, conferences, screenings, consultations, contests and award ceremonies, school booths, and them … the fashion shows of the most brilliant and deserving students of the fashion educational institutions of the territory.

In the contemporary world we live in, schools and academies represent the imprint that the heritage of Italian fashion has been able to convey to young realities. At the same time these are a sort of photograph of the current state of this perpetually changing world. The young designers and ascendant talents in the fashion, more than anything, are the lighthouse that illuminates the future of a Made in Italy fashion and opens up international roads to it. These suggestions give life to the Fashion Graduate Italy initiative, a safe haven where the young voices of the panorama can be heard, a veritable launching pad for emerging excellence that will have the enviable opportunity to expose themselves, open up to the public and to forge relationships with representatives and professionals in the sector.

“Training is or should be the heart of the future, the place of innovation and exchange. Our strength is our students and openness to change. Our first mission is to understand the challenges of the future to form generations to a market, to a system that is proving increasingly uncertain. Our capacity is to intercept needs that have not yet emerged from the market and not only to follow the most imminent requests. “

Numerous institutions are the protagonists of the various meetings and of the catwalks set up, among the many there will participate Accademia Costume e Moda, Istituto Secoli, Istituto Europeo di Design, Istituto Modartech, Naba Accademia di Belle Arti,Istituto Marangoni for example.

Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 renews THE CONTEST, a competition that has reached a new edition that sees the involvement of high school and professional institutes students. A selection of their best projects will be submitted to a quality jury and a popular jury. In addition to the first place in the Best Portfolio category, there are other merit mentions such as originality, research or technique.

The current programming includes a substantial agenda of activities and issues addressed, among them , is prominent the focus on sustainability, an urgent need for resolution.

Since 2017, when the first event took place, Fashion Graduate Italia has evolved over the years by building a stage onto which the new minds of fashion can shine. To know the details of info and contacts visit the official page of the event Fashion Graduate Italia 2019.

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