Minimal to | delicate allure, whispered femininity

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Minimal to. Of minimal? Only the shape. For the essence … another story! Born in Torino in 2011, the female clothing brand Minimal to is a project of research, design, passion and high professionalism created by the three founders Elisa Mazza, Danila Olivieri, Stefano Sberze.

Sewing and screen-printed by hand, Minimal to garments hide behind the simplicity of the lines a complex and constant work. Innovative raw materials, technical and natural fabrics, always on the crest of experimentation. For a traditionally made in Italy  but wanting to recover in an absolutely exclusive style, free from racing to the latest trend and recognizable despite the scandillas of time, or rather of collections.

Graduated together in 2008 at the IED in Milan, the three designers after a period of individual experiences, collaborations with some British brands for Danila and prestigious Italian names for Stefano, who will also participate in the My Own Show contest, the formation of the bases of Minimal to for Elisa, they decide to come together and join together the strength of their creativity. And the move made was definitely winning, as they are on the list of the excellent finalists of the recent  contest Who Is On Next? 2017, the latest generation of fashion designers … and ideas!

Contemporary for the young brand is surely the greatest inspiration translated into impeccable fabrics and craftsmanship. In the last collection Spring – Summer 2017 Amarcord, Minimal to re-affirms love for the rigorous volumes and tailoring of the 90s, typical of its DNA. Slippy dresses are designed on a sophisticated woman who wears the elegance. Avant-garde overlays, dark colors interrupted by unexpected chromium blocks, splashes of yellow, white, pink shades. Enveloping chemisier, floral prints but always in line with a delicate allure. For a whispered femininity, new … Minimal to. For info

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