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To question, to question onself. I believe these to be the right opening words to recount the story of a brand established in Rome in 2016, Vanta Design Studio, that has had the courage to experiment and reinterpret fashion, in depth.

An ethic and aesthetic revolution. An all made in Italy project and creative process that finds its starting base in eco streetwear. Starting to create. Experimenting, exploring, innovating and renovating, its founder and designer Carlotta reinvents fashion, adopting an ethic of zero impact. Using unused textiles and materials otherwise destined for disposal, found within the important archives of prestigious Italian textile companies, Vanta Design Studio produces garments entirely made by hand. Recycling therefore becomes the characteristic notes of this emerging but remarkable brand.

A refined streetwear, alive with details and cuts that dress the body comfortably, without overdoing it. Repeatable but always different, Vanta Design Studio pieces are loyal to the reuse-reduce-recyle philosophy: a fashion that influences dressing style but even more, our thinking style. Saving the environment is the diktat of Vanta Design Studio who creates consciously. In its activity and its collections, sustainability is omnipresent and prevailing: in just two years they have reused 300kg of jeans, transforming them into new denim. A mission more than just a simple label, that induces to choose a tailored product, aesthetically beautiful and…ethically correct!

Light cuts and extremely clean lines accompany the garments designed for FW 2019-20 for a him who loves tailoring but desires to divert from the schemes. An oversize fit that plays with putting textiles and ideas together, to render exclusive oddments lost over time and space, now becoming protagonists of new entities. Tartan denim, writing: the creativity runs from outerwear to trousers. And wins. For info and contacts

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