10X10 An Italian Theory: a genuine lifestyle made of books, food, fashion. To wear and dress up a principle, a way of being. Open minded. That's how the eclecticism of a creative genius decided to put pen to paper the Italian character enclosed in one of the nicest actions of the day: good food. No systematic action but a tasty bliss. And to do that he examines, questions, looks with inquisitive eyes furtive, ten people, representatives of culture in all its disparate appearance during their meal by enclosing it in a book exciting culinary conversations: Ennio Capasa, Albino Damato, Anna Dello Russo, Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Paola Navone, Fabio Novembre, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Eleonora Abbagnato, Ornella Vanoni, Rossella Jardini.

Mind and arm 10X10 An Italian Theory, innovative project aimed to tell in different ways and completely exceptional enigmatic figures of the star system, pictured in their most secret look, is Alessandro Enriquez. Born in 1983 by the Sicilian and father of Franco-Tunisian origin mother, he has had a first humanistic education with a degree in Literature, later he specializes in the fashion industry with two Masters in Fashion Design. Ex stylist for per Costume National, professor at the IED Istituto Europeo di Design, with an interesting impetus him goes beyond the traditional confines of fashion coming to the summit to watch, with multi-faceted eye and a 360 ° view, this intricate world of fashion.

From the pages of the book 10X10 An Italian Theory published in 2012, full of anecdotes and above all Made in Italy, Alessandro Enriquez extrapolates and experiment in another way this Italian passion. No more pots and pans, but only a needle and thread. Initially launching a line of accessories, the result of an exciting collaboration with the young designer Azzurra Gronchi, he continues its expansion with a knitwear line, has expanded further with the last integrated collection of garments in fabric for a collection at the Italian, made of "bread , love and fantasy ". A gastronomic ode to toast the Italian spirit, to the Made in Italy, recalled also in the name of the brand, "an Italian theory", which continues to fascinate even the collection Spring - Summer 2016.

Ice cream and popsicles are invading a fun super colorful outfits: sweet affectation unleashed in all its taste in a tshirt from charming collar and combined shorts. Revival 50s for the dress with flared skirt: lettering, boats, lemons, cherries and sun triumph playful. Sicily, sun, sea, good food. Fish,fish and even fish for complete total look . Cups ice cream, fish, geometric colorful prints, blue waves are expanded beyond the borders, conquering also backpacks, clutches, wallets. With 10X10 An Italian Theory the Italian character find a just equitable representation even in the masculine style.

And to this laid table could not miss the little ones. A cheerful and colorful collection for delightful children! Lines and graphic elements in the total look, carefree freshness. Communications, food, art, books, fashion. Culture. Innovated and renewed. Appetizing, good creativity. For info http://www.10x10anitaliantheory.com/

Giulia Fucile