Alexandra Alberta Chiolo, color, plateau, heel. Instant changes. A click away. Here are the footwear of the new generation. Goodbye glass slippers, welcome Albertine! Customizable, equipped with interchangeable heels and plateau: the result of an innovative creative experience, fusion of craftsmanship and technology, tested and validated by an industrial and international patent. Excellent hybridization of a continuing tradition of Emilia-Marche footwear and a clever Piedmontese high-tech applied to mechanical and aeronautical sectors.

Matrix of this innovative entirely Made in Italy brands is Alexandra Alberta Chiolo. Young intuitive she studied Communication Sciences in Turin, though never abandoning her innate predisposition to handmade. Equipped with an instinctive ability to model and sew her clothes following a highly personal taste, Alexandra Alberta Chiolo decides to engage and broaden the tailoring process also in the footwear world, sowing and cultivating an idea that continues unstoppably to fascinate and surprise. She, helped by an architect friend, made the first prototype in wood: primary, embryonic reality of what is now a footprint already recognized, left in 2008 with the birth of Alexandra Chiolo Spa and indelibly impressed in 2012 with the start of the Albertine , heroic survivors of studies, workshops, crash test. No more paintings, watercolors and brushes but an artistic creativity designed and built by clicks. The Albertine puzzle consists of many pieces that create multiple combinations.ObFashion presents Alexandra Alberta Chiolo 7The leather upper is accompanied by a durable plastic, ABS, integral component of heels and plateau, marked with mechanical parts in anodized steel and hooks and unhook nylon fiber. Formula lightweight and resistant to wear and tear of time. Two basic options to choose: a 12 cm heel with plateau of 4 cm or 9.5 cm heel balanced on a 1.5 cm platform. Variegated colors for a wide color palette and various inserts. Endless possibilities. The collection Essence for a more linear everyday practice, designed for a seven day week but likely nine colors. To change and test depending on the mood, by addressing the day going down out of bed yes, but never going down the heels! A provocative femininity with a strong personality characterizes the collection Trend, where glitter and metallic lord it and strut. Jewel inlay stones shoes from the two possible tones, blue and burnished: identifier elegance, celebrated and proclaimed also in the collection name. Amaze. Amaze. And still amaze.

All in a row, even in line for the capsule collection Stripes seven joyful forms, geometric metallic versions. Triumph of sweetness in Gummy: nine colors explosion of radiant creativity. The most glamorous taste? Bubblegum! Pink pumps by articulated, reflective heel. Hall of mirrors: to be and feel the fairest of them all. And so you just have to start playing! For info