Alexander White is contemporary, artistic inspiration enclosed in jewels for the feet, the shoes. In the footwear industry his name is already ringing, melody of vibrant modernity, originality, revisited elegance.

Alexander White, young British designer, after completing his Fashion Design studies at Edinburgh University, he specializes in shoes in the prestigious Cordwainers College London. He took his first steps in fashion, enriching his cultural baggage and snatching important secrets of the trade, with essential work experience by Holly Fulton, Giles Deacon, Erdem. In 2014, after a chance encounter with Sandra Choi, creative director of Jimmy Choo, he decides to chop off umbilical cord, ready to conquer the fashion empire only linked to its name, a reflection of its brand.

The aim of Alexander White label is to bridge the deep gap between luxury and convenience, imposing itself so the market with a price point slightly lower than the one adopted by the direct competitors. Impressive designs and quality of materials are made even more precious thanks to the added value of the "Made in Italy" the production of Alexander White shoes is strictly made in Italy, guarantee and expert craftsmanship additive.

The collection Spring - Summer 2016 offers both traditional forms and innovative models, but always unique and new in the details and in the compositions. The woman is told in this season safe undulates in precious shoes that delineate the gait. Total black peep toe ankle boots embellished with jaunty plumes, expression of high fashion component. The evergreen animalier shaped into a timeless high stilettos décolleté from the tapered tip or declined in insert, cool element of a sandal jewel.

Delicate femininity drawn in the transparency and embroidery on the décolleté with watchband created for lovers of bon ton, of good taste, yet desirous of past reminiscences. Princesses in shoes. Eclectic creative talent, magician in magic potions to design, powerful incantations that can enhance any type of woman. And if they can change our mood, perception of ourselves, making us feel stronger, determined or incurable romantic, introduce yourself to the world, leaving footprints Alexander White. Per info

Giulia Fucile