Elegant to make your looks chic, comfortable to wear them all day long, so versatile that they can be combined with jeans or dresses: ankle boots are the perfect shoes to live your days in style.

Ankle boots are characterized by their shape: that is, they are boots that are long up to the ankle. Halfway between casual and chic, they are the right alternative to a more elegant pump or sportier sneaker.


With platforms, pointed toes, flats, with large or stiletto heels, in suede, leather, minimal or decorated… ankle boots are one of the most loved must-haves ever. It will be because, if combined well, they slim the figure: in fact, a suggestion is to hide them under flare jeans or to combine them, for example, with straight trousers that do not exceed the length of the ankle.

Comfortable and cool at the same time, ankle boots are ideal to wear during the day especially in their iconic versions: which ones? The Chelsea model for example, an evergreen that has always remained in vogue for generations thanks to its versatility. Beautiful in combination with cigarette trousers for the office, with pleated skirts, wide dresses and light fabrics for a very interesting contrast or with nice skinny jeans worn with a maxi sweater.

Do you want a comfortable shoe but don't give up on heels? Then opt for ankle boots with a tapered toe and very low heel (ideal to wear with regular jeans and a blazer) or for the versions with a round or square toe and medium heel (5-6 centimetres): you will slim your silhouette without sacrificing comfort.

And for the most elegant evenings? Green light for the most sought-after ankle boots: from the processing of fine leathers to precious details, from the most particular colors and prints to the most vertiginous heels.

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