Directly from the 90s, one of the classic must-haves of jewelry is back as the protagonist of our looks. In gold, silver, colored, rounded, essential, very precious… hoop earrings continue to be among our favorite jewels.

Their charm is in fact unique: simple but exclusive at the same time, they are easy to wear and combine well with many different styles. From the great classics in gold and thin or in maxi shape, to very small hoop earrings and embellished with stones, up to the half sizes that are preferred above all for daytime looks. Office included.

Hoop earrings are worn as well in Winter as in Summer, proving to be a timeless must season after season. Starting from the coldest months you can in fact wear them together with turtlenecks, tailored coats, sweaters with extra volumes: they will illuminate your face. Or still wear them in combo with a layering look composed for example of cardigan and shirt or wear them together with maxi knit dresses.

Choose hoop earrings in smaller sizes if you decide to combine them with a suit: you will be elegant and refined. The same goes for the sporty chic style: opt for mini or medium hoop earrings and wear them with versatility even with tracksuits, jeans or coordinated outfits for dailywear. And for the Summer seasons? Green light for fantasy and colored or larger hoop earrings, beautiful in combo with boho chic looks like light printed maxi dresses.

But often, even when it comes to great cults, the real question is how to wear them every day and match them together not only with looks but also with other jewels. If you like to wear a lot of jewels together, opt for small or medium sized hoop earrings, so you can also combine them with a mix of necklaces without falling into the "too much!". Because you know... less is more!

Then start combining hoop earrings with your looks: discover our exclusive and made in Italy selection and keep following our style advice!