Skirt maxi, mini, printed or not, with lots of tulle or pleated. Sensual pin up or delicate romantic reappears directly from the explosives fifties, the queen bee of femininity! Dior was, in 1947, to launch one become timeless style, symbol of an almost utopian economic boom: the corolla skirt. From dress to icon, from dress to history of costume. The wasp waist squeezed in the wealth of the fabric skirt, earned a criticism to fashion designer that, in complete contrast, the gaunt of the murderous World War answered with absolute wealth. But it was worth it, much to still be one of the most must have revisited.

For some time faithful friend of the catwalk, so retro skirt remains with us still, shining star of many current and future collection. To make us feel seductive like Marylin Monroe, unforgettable in the white aflutter dress of the film “The Seven Year Hitch”, or incredibly bon ton how sophisticated and radiant allure of Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”. So frame of the past are mixed with snapshots, predicting a future that speaks of skirt. High waist and length to calf: these diktats to follow.

Blue, black, white meet harmonics, soft lines in the printed skirt with unusual flowers signed Daizy Shely, synonymous with refined elegance.Maze of pleats in COTE proposal where the salmon becomes the canvas of a painting depicting a more decisive femininity, composed but determined. Shining gold is the version of Miahatami,typically Western lines but Eastern in the contents, in the colored oriental applications. Masculine character by Alberto Zambelli: vision: sturdy fabric, English aftertaste. Infallible black, fluid in impalpable skirt marked Quattromani, more bodied L72 declination, pure fifties déjà vu.

Mathematical ironies by Cecilia Arpa, where under printed fabrics of colored geometric patterns lurks the hand of calculation and brilliant insight Mikro Couture. Ultrafeminine Federica Tosi skirt: transparencies, small textile fringes, the contrast between the seduction of black and sweet of powder. A real modern princess. Avant-garde and futurism are the Domenico Cioffi, philosophy, where the traditional character of the shapes clashes and then integrates with the modernity of contemporary fabrics. Moon Luca Sciascia, skirt with vibrant fabrics, illuminating surfaces, for a floating beauty, graceful, surreal. Lucio Vanotti proposes a skirt with rigorous cut and classic fabric, timeless skirt. From the catwalk to the street…the choice is yours. To each one her skirt!

Giulia Fucile