A basic without a season: the midi skirt, or the famous model neither too long nor too short, characterized by the hem in the mid-calf or just above the ankle, is definitely a must that we will continue to wear also in this cold season. Feminine and pencil, maxi and romantic, pleated, flared, in leather, colored and printed, narrow and high at the waist, light and in chiffon... There is so much choice when it comes to midi skirts. 

Elegant like a maxi skirt but comfortable like a mini, midi are the right garment to wear at work, on more formal occasions and on weekends. Their versatility allows them to be combined with an infinite number of different looks, both for day and evening.

But... pay attention to some small details such as proportions: combine tops, knitwear or shirts by wearing them inside the skirt and thus enhancing the waistline, which will seem thinner. Also pay attention to the shoes, the length of the midi does not go along with all footwear. Opt for kitten heels during the day, for a comfortable but feminine look, or gritty sneakers or even for a pair of long boots in soft leather; while for the evening you prefer pumps or a nice sandal for the most special occasions.

So, how to wear the midi skirt? Combine it with a classic white shirt or a stylish turtleneck for your office outfits: in this case, do not go for excessive prints but prefer neutral colors such as gray or a nice blue and focus on classic cuts such as the pencil skirt or an A-line .

Do you want to create a boho-chic look? Then you prefer light fabrics, soft volumes, romantic prints, a little retro, combining your midi skirt with a blouse with feminine details such as voile or bows. And if you have a special occasion... green light to elegance! You can wear your midi skirt by focusing on precious fabrics such as satin, silk or a beautiful cascade of pleats: in combination with top and important accessories such as a 12 heel, a pair of sparkling earrings or an exclusive mini bag.

So what are you waiting for? Discover now the selection of exclusive midi skirts created by emerging brands and independent artisans of Made in Italy!