For decades, it has nudged with the it-bags of the most sought-after designers, left alone exclusively to street-fashion and school desks; today it is the accessory par excellence ... what are we talking about? Well, of the backpack without a doubt! This is our Most Wanted of the week.

Its shape has characterized the long gone 80s and 90s, especially in combos with another protagonist of street-wear, the sneakers. An inattentive eye would confine it only to casual and sporty style but the backpack has evolved and… finally spread. Symbol of genderless and unisex fashion, it has stole clutches and minibags thunders walking on the Versace runway or bearing the name of Givenchy: the backpack has become couture!

No longer combined with white t-shirt and baggy jeans only, now the backpack tells of rigor and elegance if worn on tailleurs or delicate blouses to give it a more cheecky polish.

The casual chic lover, however, must not resign herself with discomfort to the idea of ​​an oversized backpack with a masculine cut because winning is its miniature variant that gracefully simulates the slender lines of a mini bag but guarantees the comfort and functionality of a classic backpack. Convertible with games of shoulder straps, spacious, crossbody - literally in some cases - to be worn as a one-shoulder bag or in a miniature version as a handbag as needed; in short, it is the ideal alternative to traditional briefcases or tote bags. For a "back to school" style, to tell an urban soul, dear ladies and gentlemen, the easy-wear is back.

And if you were going to buy only one backpack, well, after reading our proposals you will change your mind. Oh yes, this is the kind of crisis that we like to get! Renew the wardrobe with an old friend, and keep your backpack tight!

MOST WANTED BACKPACK: Maison Dressage backpack with front strap


Geometric Altera Backpack - Maison Dressage

Made of vegetable tanned leather, avant-garde, the Maison Dressage backpack is a hymn to the handmade art. Its meticulous lines tell of a bold, sassy beauty. The Altera Backpack is equipped with adjustable strings and removable front strap to be able to tie it on. A sort of armor for Her and for Him.



Capacious Goldfinger Backpack - Atpcal

Whether men or women, anyone now makes functionality a key requirement in the choice of accessories ... In this Atpcal does not disappoint the expectations. Spacious with a multitude of compartments, made of retro-reflective material, the icing on the cake? Its iridescent golden paint to never go unnoticed.

MOST WANTED BACKPACK: Adelaide C. convertible backpack


Sophisticated Spart Water Max-bighty Wine Bag - Adelaide C.

Its essential and rigorous lines marry a refined delicacy. Adelaide C. shrewdly manages to combine business with pleasure with this practical accessory with unquestionable elegance. Designed to accompany those who carry it in any place and situation, the bag can be converted into a backpack, crossbody bag or handbag thanks to the shoulder straps available.

MOST WANTED BACKPACK: convertible bag by Nicole Lèon


Smooth Nirvana White - Nicole Lèon

When you say the art of knowing how to reinvent yourself! One bag, three styles guaranteed. Calfskin is worked exclusively in Italy to create a functional creation: tote bag, briefcase and obviously backpack. An essential soul and a contemporary taste. Little secret, it is also available in black!

MOST WANTED BACKPACK: convertible bag by Der Aesthetik


Valuable Body Pumpkins Backpack - Der Aesthetik

Luxury meets the needs of the citizens of the world, of those always on the go, of those who look at the world with wide eyes. Well if this is you you cannot resist the charm of Der Aesthetik! A work made of fine leather and worked by Italian craftsmen; a tote bag that becomes a backpack or a backpack that becomes a tote bag thanks to its removable shoulder straps.

MOST WANTED BACKPACK: Spazioif convertible backpack


Tridimensional Tarta-Ruga Backpack - Spazioif

Enveloping and luxurious the Spazioif proposal is an unseen interpretation of the backpack. Worn like a waistcoat or folded and carried as an exclusive handbag, its design intrigues with skill. Your comfortable shell as the designer defines it, with zip and vertical opening. The ready-to-wear entirely Made in Italy that stands out ...