For decades, it has nudged with the it-bags of the most sought-after designers, left alone exclusively to street-fashion and school desks; today it is the accessory par excellence ... what are we talking about? Well, of the backpack without a doubt! This is our Most Wanted of the week.

Its shape has characterized the long gone 80s and 90s, especially in combos with another protagonist of street-wear, the sneakers. An inattentive eye would confine it only to casual and sporty style but the backpack has evolved and… finally spread. Symbol of genderless and unisex fashion, it has stole clutches and minibags thunders walking on the Versace runway or bearing the name of Givenchy: the backpack has become couture!


No longer just combined with a white t-shirt and baggy jeans, now the backpack exudes charm and elegance when worn with suits, delicate blouses, maxi skirts or dresses to give it a more cheeky polish.

The backpack is in fact the protagonist of collections intended for different occasions: functional and stylish at the same time, they match perfectly even with the most frenetic lives, becoming the perfect bag to wear from morning to night. In fact, just be careful to choose the right model and you can have a bag that is both comfortable and cool!

From the most minimal and iconic variants for the office to the more colorful, glam and small ones for leisure time, from the more classic backpacks to the multifunctional ones that transform into a handbag or shoulder bag, the proposals suggested by the big and small brands they are a lot.

Mini, maxi, convertible, in leather, in fabric, with buckles… you were going to buy only one backpack, well, after reading our proposals you will change your mind! Discover our exclusive selection now, renew your wardrobe and…keep your backpack tight!