Antonella Morgillo has made her distinctive mark with the hat. And much, much more. The protagonist of an innovative and contemporary project, a young, made in Italy label that’s emerging and making differences, the hat signed by Antonella Morgillo takes on a new capability, that which bewitches with style, manufacture and so much beauty.Indeed…it gets to your head and no, you won’t ever take it off again!Born and raised in Caserta, Antonella Morgillo has lived amidst the beauty of Bourbon magnificence since childhood, the artisan savoir-faire, love for Art and decoration. Determined and enterprising, after attending the Institute of Art at San Leucio she transferred to Milan to study at the Nuova Academia di Belle Art di Milano. Romeo Gigli, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fratelli Rossetti and Mila Schon are just some of the well-known names for whom Antonella has worked. But her ambition and talent don’t delay in pushing her towards making the big step to launch her homonymous brand. Of hats, obviously.Handcraft and creativity blend together in a world that’s all to be explored and…put on. Antonella Morgillo’s hats are the expression of an intense research that finds inspiration in tradition, but also the dynamism of modernity. Each piece has its why, its profound meaning: decoration, inspiration and attention to detail are some of the key ingredients of Antonella Morgillo’s hats. The shapes derive from both the masculine and the feminine world, timeless symbols that define a new concept of elegance. The embroidery and the long hand workings render these creations truly exclusive.The FW 2019/20, Médailles dus tyle, is inspired by the rigour of the military world, here re-claimed but sweetened with feminine notes, seductive and refined. The decorative embroidery with black Pais stones runs through the whole collection, which is comprised of hats that carry their military character in their shapes and their name: Amiral with its large and rigid brim typical of an Admiral, Majeur that makes reference to aviation in a contemporary acceptance, Maréchal with its high and rigid crown visor, the nostalgic flavour of Capitaine with a longer line and small brim, and finally the Cadet with its particular triangular form, suited to a true style icon.Antonella Morgillo accessories frame the face, enhancing the contemporary woman’s beauty, she who chooses to get noticed with personality. Because…“The hat is the particularity that renders us unique”!Discover all the models HERE and render your style unique. How? With an Antonella Morgillo hat, of course!