Bologna Design Week launches its fifth edition. The international manifestation dedicated to the promotion of design culture in Emilia Romagna will liven the city of Bologna and its historic centre from the 23-28 September 2019.Bologna Design Week maps and unites cultural, formative, creative, productive and distributive excellences in the territory, in a unique project that’s integrated in communication. An annual event devised and organised by Enrico Maria Pastorello, the General Manager, and Elena Vai the Creative Director, in collaboration with Cersaie, a renowned International hall of ceramics for Architecture and for bathroom furnishings.And the theme is the city of marvels, the fil rouge that encompasses this next edition, recounting and representing design in a new way. Previews, shows, workshops, competitions, projections and guided visits change the perception of the city centre and animate historical palaces, deconsecrated churches, unknown locations, Art galleries and showrooms. A creative platform ready to welcome millions of visitors, experts in the sector or not.An intense programme rich of moments to be experienced, such as the Design Night that up until midnight involves city users and participants in bespoke itineraries and extraordinary apertures: shops, showrooms and galleries transform into rooms of wonders, hosting city users and participants in bespoke itineraries and extraordinary apertures until midnight.In synergy with the region Emilia Romagna and in collaboration with the Museum Institute of Bologna, Bologna Design Week welcomes its exposition project, Esprit Nouveau: le nouvel esprit des couleurs seleon Le Courbusier promoted by Gigacer, the Faentine company that innovated industrial productive technology, conjugating it with the artisan and artistic vocation that gets applied to ceramic materials from the home territory. With the patronage of the Foundation Les Couleurs Le Corbusier, the exhibition is a reflection on Le Corbusier’s sense of colour, the master that measured the relationship between colours and emotions which he aimed to arouse in the users of the various areas and spaces within his habitation units. The site-specific project will be prepared inside the Esprit Nouveau Pavilion, the Architectural unicum and BDW gate in the fairground area. The inhabitable design, accurately replicated from the temporary Pavilion conceptualised by Le Corbusier in Paris in 1925, was loyally reconstructed in Bologna in 1977 by the initiative of Guiliano Gresleri and Josè Oubrerie. During the Design Week it will host lessons and encounters with the contemporary masters of colour and of Architecture.Bologna Design Week is a project that’s alive, participative and of co-design: the collaboration with the Cineteca Foundation of Bologna, thanks to which the relationship between architecture, design objects and color within the residential spaces will be told through historical short films screened on Monday 23 September; the Morandi-esque exhibition project at the Morandi Museum; installations at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna...In addition is the collaboration with Corvino Produzioni that gives space to design talks and encounters in Piazza Verdi; the most prestigious galleries and showrooms will present site-specific exhibitions while Via Zamboni will become a living lab of experiments with the project Le Cinque Piazze, a co-projecting and self-construction workshop aimed at taking care of the University area, temporarily reconfiguring the public space.To elegantly conclude this week totally dedicated to design and its innumerable facets, the closing party on the 28th September will host projectors, Architects and design lovers who will encounter each other in a splendid location inside the historic centre.Stay tuned! For info & contaci