Azzurra Gronchi : young, creative fashion designer, businesswoman herself. Mind and arm of the eponymous brand, excellent example of Made in Italy. Tradition and innovation blend, becoming in her affluents of the same river.

Azzurra Gronchi graduated from modeller at the Centro Formazione Professionale di Firenze and then expand her knowledge by continuing her studies at Polimoda, specializing in design and product manager. In her career stand out names like Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Costume National, but especially shines the link with the prestigious historic family activities, Conceria Samanta, from which it inherits not only the blood but a brilliant talent.

Azzurra Gronchi decides to continue to build, there where her most dear family had already raised the foundations of its future success, however, by sewing on itself a formula made just to better express her creativity. Working leather, yes, but to create a personal line of bags, where shapes and colors resonates unmistakably her name. The trend meets knowledge. In her creatures it seems to see hands that skilfully and tirelessly working, eyes peering every detail, minds that design. Craftsmanship, know-how, experience. But also the future, avant-garde, experimental.

Sometimes conflicting elements that are the strength of the balance, the answer to every question. The Spring - Summer 2016 presents clutch, metal shoulder bags, maxi bags immersed in Caribbean and tropical atmospheres. Evocations of uncontaminated beaming distant worlds. Green, yellow, pink, light blue, blue. The colors scream through the excellent leather Made in Florence. Parrots, clownfish, intricate tropical forests, the ocean: figures now trapped in the best women friends, bags. The printed calfskin with reptile imitation, inheritance of family assets, and the use of hazardous colors are her trademark, her handwriting. Considerable tailoring of its products, only children of a good couturier.

Evocative bags with playful size, glad, suitable for contemporary women eager to stand out and get away from the flat reality. The attention to detail and the fine selection of leather ensure a luxurious product certified high Made in Italy, thanks to the solid partnership with Martini Group, a leader in leather processing. And then you bring walking your world in a handbag Azzurra Gronchi!

Giulia Fucile