Emerging talents: Arwa Al Banawi, Atulier, Badawiah, Chador, Charmaleena Jewellery, Daneh, Fyunka, Haal Inc., Haifa Fahad e Mashael AlRajhi. Not a random list of names but Saudi identities, all female, owning already indelible imprints in the fashion area. Open yard and in full innovative experimentation. Treasurer of artistic abilities hidden. Effervescent cultural ferment. This portrait, graphics by many nuances, of Saudi Arabia, hybridization between East and West. Vogue Talent in collaboration with Rubaiyat for Industry & Trade in these local territories seeking new creative resources to feed the fashion planet with oxygenating emerging talents. The ten best young brands presented their collections in the first edition of Vogue Fashion Experience Jeddah that was April 20 to 22 in 2016. Each label corresponds to a single vision of fashion, to a creative sui generis. In reality, however, united by the same wire knots, a thread called inspiration: art, nature, architecture, the beauty of the Middle East. In one keyword tradition. Dna, quintessence of what we are. The goal of these young fashion designers is to devise a new concept fashion, radiating the future starting from their solid cultural roots. Shaping, redesign. Build a connecting bridge between East and West, where the glue is fashion: caftans and maxi dresses that speak a universal language, the elegance; from structured evening dresses of refined processing, valuable, thriving details, but never opulent whimsically.

ObFashion presents Arabian Emerging Talents Talenti emergentiArwa Al Banawi, founder of her label in 2015, was born in Jeddah but grew up in Switzerland, she prefers a fashion based on solid past reminiscences; bronzed tunics embellished with feathers or jackets with metal embroidery finished with contrasting velvet lapels. Atūlier is designed brand, in collaboration with Ot Kutyr, Saudi maison supporter of young emerging talent in the fashion industry, in 2014 from Samar Nasraldin, daughter of an artistic environment steeped in surrealism and then student at Central Saint Martins in London. Her clothes are in long colored poplin, carvings and drapes. Safiah Alaquil is the mother of Badawiyah, high design brand launched in 2015. Ethnic fabrics and delicate trimmings are mixed with the desire of individuality to create elegant caftans. Nora Aldamer founded in 2013 Chador: the Middle East marries Westernness. Shirt dress with geometric volumes, significant widths: frames of a Western minimalism. Mashael Alrajh builds her eponymous label in 2013: new styles luxurious but simple, modern craft. Delicate transparencies enhanced by reliefs games. Interesting eclectic woman told by Haifa Fahad, keen to redefine itself and its most hidden sides. Charmaleena Jewellery was founded in 2012 by winning duo designer and managing director, respectively interpreted by sisters Leena and Hala Mohamed Elkhereiji. Gems, diamonds and 18K gold are the main ingredients of this new brand. Unique, versatile pieces that have the power to transform from pendants to earrings. Theirs is a timeless style: the woman wants to shine. Always. Daneh Buahmad, founder in 2010 of the Daneh brand, initially specialized in the computer industry to embrace then only after the fashion world, dream since childhood. Hers is a rich collection of vintage-style dresses with ample skirts 50s, defused by more streetwear approaches such as the use of minipull. Fyunka is synonymous with irony, pop, artistry: label launched in 2011 by the illustrator Alaa Balkhy, includes garments with strong personalities, crowded with magnetic images, capable of filling the eye. Jackets or handbags folder by blue tones always identified by the trademark par excellence of the fashion house, drawing. Mariam Bin Mahfouz and Nouf Hakeem promote their brand Haal Inc. : their project is to create abaya, a garment like a cloak, with a chic allure but practical. They use the best Italian fabrics, Spanish and French, modeling them with skill. Maxi hoods with details studied carefully, contrasting elements: the result of the all-new yet traditional forms. Ten emerging designers, ten names, endless echoes. Noise of Art.

The winners of this edition are Chador and Haal Inc. that will go to Palazzo Morando in Milan while Fyunka will have the opportunity to collaborate with Carpisa. Rough stones, diamonds future.

Giulia Fucile