Soft silhouettes, cocoon garments, very comfortable and super exclusive handmade shoes… Today you can be cool without giving up on comfort. In fact, fashion travels on two tracks that increasingly meet in a look marked by "comfortable elegance".

Enveloping and maxi coats are combined with hand-knitted turbans in soft and warm fabrics, knitted dresses accompany the body gently without forcing it, knitted cardigans are intertwined in a refined and functional design at the same time.


Cool and comfort outline the personality of sophisticated, versatile, easy-to-wear outfits. A simplicity that has nothing to do with banality, nor with a confused or careless style. On the contrary: building your own style and maintaining it over time is not at all simple; precisely for this reason it is important to choose versatile clothing, easy to wear in different contexts and occasions.

To create it, it focuses on essential garments and soft fabrics: such as the sweater, for example, with its extra soft texture, a real style cuddle, pleasant to wear. Maxi cardigans, total looks, dresses, turtlenecks… all iconic pieces perfect for an elegant look and easy to combine with different accessories.


Play on the mix and match of shapes, combining oversized garments with slimmer silhouettes. And do the same with styles: a nice tailored coat worn over a jumpsuit, a pair of loafers paired with a mini dress, a blazer in combo with a sweatshirt, a gritty ankle boots with a midi dress or more elegant cigarette pants . You use layering to create a very comfortable cocoon effect, for example opting for knitted suits with exclusive fabrics such as cashmere and winking at a bright, clear, neutral color palette.

Don't be afraid to mix, to go outside the box, to try: the trick? Having a nice wardrobe of iconic garments and accessories, unique and high quality pieces, versatile and essential!