How many times do we find ourselves in front of the wardrobe, in front of a mountain of clothes, and despite this we ask ourselves the exact same question: now what should I wear?

Many times, if not most days. Unused garments, some never worn, clothes that no longer reflect our size or our style... the reasons can be many and different but all are resolved with one and only method: to refresh our wardrobe. To everything, in part, one season at a time… it's up to you.

Get rid of all that is superfluous, decide what to keep and what not, update your looks without forgetting the accessories. Refresh your wardrobe by focusing on quality and creations that transcend fast trends: a nice coat, a tote bag, a biker, a jewel that will make you shine in many different moments, a pair of feminine shoes to add a glam touch to your your looks every day...

To create exclusive combinations you don't need many things but the right ones: discover our selection now!


arianna di maio maxi knit dress


Emma Down Jacket - Efi D'Angiò

Ideal to take with you anywhere, even in the smallest hand suitcases, the exclusive stole-down jacket by Efi D’Angiò is a truly smart garment. Chic, functional, cool, versatile… a garment to be used in different occasions and different seasons. A must not to be missed, especially in the elegant camel-colored version.

vu elle jewels rings


Sara Leather Biker Jacket- Corium Hub.

When refreshing your wardrobe, don't forget to focus on iconic garments that will allow you to be glamorous and perfect even with the passing of trends and seasons. So make your way in your closet to all the great cult: an example? The black biker, like the made in Italy one by Corium Hub.

i rocchi cashmere total look


Anne Blouse - Simone Tessadori.

This season more than ever is literally driving everyone crazy: the classic knitted vest has once again made its place among collections and catwalks, dictating fashion and trend. Choose a quality one, which lasts over time and stands out for its refined elegance, precisely that of Simone Tessadori. A cuddle of style, with wool braids and beige shantung details.


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Bellariva Light blue - Lungomare. 

100% cashmere, Lungomare's Bellariva shirt is a new interpretation of an icon. With this new brand, the shirt becomes modern, genderless, of the highest quality. A fluid, light garment with an over-line fit and timeless beauty. An unmissable piece to give your wardrobe a nice refresh: available in multiple colors.


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Maya D. Guardian Charm Necklace - Dea Rail.

Not just clothing: to refresh your wardrobe, don't underestimate accessories and jewels. Add a precious touch to your looks with a pendant necklace, important but easy to combine with different outfits and to wear every day. An idea? The one in burnished silver with yellow sapphires and black diamonds by Dea Rail.


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Yuma Bag Saffiano - Maizena.

Are you looking for a bag that stands out but at the same time is easy to combine and wear? Add an exclusive bag like Maizena's Yuma to the list of accessories and ideal garments to have in your wardrobe: can be carried by hand, worn over the shoulder or crossbody. Available in multiple colors.



arianna di maio maxi knit dress


Flora Bootie Chocolate - Susana Madrid

You know, shoes make the difference in the look, choose the right ones. Among our favorites there are certainly them, the ankle boots: as comfortable as boots, elegant as only a female shoe can be. Those of Susanna Madrid, in the chocolate version, are a real touch of class, to be worn on the weekend as in the office.

vu elle jewels rings


Mid Blue Valier - Valier Venetia

A beautiful light blue powder illuminates the maxi bag by Valier Venetia. Minimal in shape, it is ideal for all women looking for elegance and functionality in a single accessory. Handcrafted, made with art and skill in Italy, it is a roomy bag perfect for work, for last minute weekends but also for a walk in the city with friends. To have and wear immediately!