It is worn around the neck and... not only. The foulard, the iconic "piece of fabric" that continues to dictate fashion and trends, becomes the protagonist of many looks thanks to its versatility.

A little '70s style worn as a bandana, glam and romantic braided in the hair, a touch of class knotted to the bag, original tight on the wrist as a bracelet, vintage and diva worn as a babushka: the foulard is one of the most seen and re-loved. Re-loved yes because the foulard has a long history behind it, so let's take a step back and discover it together.

The silk foulard has become synonymous with class and elegance thanks to the very famous French brand Hermes, which created the first in 1937. Before that, it was used as a real cloth handkerchief knotted on the head by peasant women to shelter from the sun.

A functional garment that, reinterpreted by the creativity of the well-known brand, becomes a style icon and still today an essential accessory in fashion collections, season after season.

Thanks to its unique charm, it gives every look a great dose of elegance, immediately bringing to mind the great divas of the past, from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly, and the celebrities who still choose and wear it as one of their favorite must-haves today. 

In silk, colored, printed, more or less large, today there are many brands that re-propose it and reinterpret it with their own style. Emerging brands, young and contemporary realities included. The foulard is so much loved as a creative accessory: tight in a band instead of a headband, inserted between the loops of the trousers to replace a more classic belt, like a bow under the collar of the shirts, folded into a bandana for an unforgettable boho-chic look.

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