Can a jewel be enough to elevate your style? Yes, but only if it's the right one. In short, the best! In terms of jewelry, the possibilities of choice are many and different and not all of them blend harmoniously with the mood of your outfits. The first thing to do is in fact to respect your personality, even in the choice of jewels: in short, follow your style, start from there.

For example, if you love to follow the easy-chic mood, play with multiple but minimal pieces and have fun combining them together: an idea could be to mix multiple rings and necklaces together for an elegant, contemporary but not excessive result.

The secret is to choose creations in line for a glam but sober style, with necklaces of different lengths with small pendants and thin rings to wear together on the same hand. When you create your “layered” combination, always try to create a balance, without exceeding with maxi formats or important pieces, beautiful but to be worn alone.

Among the most popular necklaces of the moment there is certainly the choker, an essential jewel to elevate your style: in its iconic gold and thin version it is versatile and easy to combine with other jewels and perfect to wear with your dailywear ; if large and more particular, make it the protagonist and wear it alone, preferring it for the evening or for special appointments.

A timeless choker? Definitely that of pearls: make it less classic, instead of combining it with the usual garments such as a sheath dress or a shirt, experiment with something more boho chic by mixing it with printed silk dresses or colored or patterned garments.

Do you love rings? Wear many and together if you want a result that is more in line with trends but be careful not to mix too different genres: the ideal is to mix several pieces of the same brand or style.

If you prefer more maxi jewels, a good idea is to focus on earrings: lobe, long, colorful, elegant with stones, playful with charms, mono or in pairs, they will immediately illuminate your face and give you a special allure. Then you just have to follow our advice, find your best jewel and elevate your style: discover our precious selection now on!