Reliability, balance and loyalty ... maybe we should all be a little bluer. These are some of the attributes that for years have embraced this colour so regal, so sumptuous. Often used in institutional uniforms that so soften the eye of us women, it sometimes evokes a manly scream, a powerful one.

Pantone, the supreme court in terms of shades and hues, crowned the classic blue color of the year 2020. Ah dear old cobalt! That's right, beige and nudes have left room for celestial colors. It intimidates a little , we know that and we have not overlooked the fact that any blue garments are now lost on the last shelf of your wardrobe. Today, however, blue enjoys great popularity in a season all to be discovered.

It is said that a little goes a long way but not for us and above all not for our The look. Royal blue, baby blue, navy blue, denim blue and trust me, the list goes on and on. The blue rises above us and surrounds us with the sea and the caresses of its waves or the horizons of the sky that lead us to walk with the nose upwards astonished. In short, it can tell the story of being a woman in all its shades (of blue).

Bold and carefree, delicate and ethereal, there is a color for all tastes. From meticulous pencil skirts to novelized volumes of evening dresses as well as pop sunglasses or the most desired it-bags, blue interprets and reinterprets itself in different designs. An ally to keep close so as not to be found unprepared for the current trends. To dare! This is today's imperative. With greater dexterity the monochromatic outfits will become the favorite uniforms of metropolitan women while for the more fearful we suggest a mix & match of colors. Yes you’re right, combining bright colors with blue is no longer a taboo nor an insurmountable ban.

For years we have been told "black and blue: never together!"

A fashion rule now demodé and cleared by even of the greatest haute couture houses because they are classy if combined ... with good taste! Ideal is to prefer shades of blue totally contrasting to black to make it stand out.

But cream and natural colors are its true soul mates. And who could resist the authority of a long blue coat screwed on the waist with flared white trousers? Certainly not us! Another myth to dispel? The burning red and the glacial blue are, and we repeat, they are meant to be together, after all opposites attract each other. The bright lemon yellow and orange give it a carefree touch while the blush pink brings out a sweet note.

Whether it's a tailored garment or an accessory, blue is a statement, a declaration, so find out what to whisper to the world with our The Look Blue .

The Look Blue: short knitted dress by Arianna Di Maio


Soft Blue Dress - Arianna Di Maio

The woolen filaments create sublime weaves and intertwinement. For a modern femininity that does not lose its classic soul but captures the best of both worlds: tradition and contemporaneity. This is how Arianna Di Maio is tells about herself, this is how the new She moves her steps with elegance ...

The Look Blue: kitten heel by Les Jeux Du Marquis


Elegant Kitten Heel Pump - Les Jeux Du Marquis

Lustful but modest, refined but aggressive at the same time. Les Jeux Du Marquis seduces with creations with an almost sinful style with notes of a romanticism of other times. The model is classic but revisited with unusual inserts and cuts. Ideal for softening the tones of a total blue look.

The Look Blue: rigid handbag by Veronica Parwin


Iconic Gold Blue Bag - Veronica Parwin

The calfskin is worked with the renowned skill of Italian craftsmen. The shape is timeless and the color extremely pop. A cult that cannot miss in every woman's collection. Form and nuance give life to an iconic creation, a statement. The bag speaks for itself.

The Look Blue: earrings worked with gold and pearl by Vintouch


The royal Eye Earrings - Vintouch

White pearl and navy blue embrace each other in earrings with a royal soul. Vintouch's workings pursue a timeless beauty. Precious blue sapphires and bright zircons are set without ostentation on pearls with artisan techniques exclusively made in Italy. The design recalls the Egyptian eye of Horus.

The Look Blue: foulard by Edoardo Gallorini


Precious Tiles Foulard - Edoardo Gallorini

Edoardo Gallorini gives movement to the fine Italian silk thanks to sumptuous scarves. The design looks like a nostalgic, traditional beauty enlivened by bright hues and unusual prints. Games of blue and geometries intersect in a universe with unexplored boundaries.

The Look Blue: gold-worked ring with pearl by Vintouch


Bright Mini Cameo Ring - Vintouch

The pomposity of gold and the refinement of the pearl. Vintouch designs an old-fashioned femininity with its essential lines. The volumes are contained but the style reverberates strongly in the characteristic design of the brand. The cameo tells a borderless romance with touches of blue.

The Look Blue: sunglasses by Aru Eyewear


Playful Murano Blue sunglasses - Aru Eyewear

Children of modernity, Aru Eyewear sunglasses tell of an glamour style with bright colors and innovative constructions. Colorful and ironic, they are the perfect accessory to make your every look speak up. Whether it's to complete a blue monochromatic outfit or to combine it with softer shades ... don't linger any longer.

The Look Blue: coat by Alipinta


Calù Red Coat - Alipinta

The undisputed symbol of the brand's identity, the Calù coat reaches unexplored horizons with avant-garde shapes and silhouettes. The contours are inspired by the rounded lines of the egg to embrace different physicalities with comfort and versatility, from the petite to the most sumptuous ones. Red and blue? The duo you were waiting for!