Patrick Mathieu, a conceptual fashion that exceeds stereotypical barriers giving way to an aesthetic free, independent. A minimalist style, elegant, contemporary, timeless, genderless, ageless. So Patrick Mathieu becomes the protagonist of a cultural revolution in full swing where to emerge is the personality, not sexuality.

Patrick Mathieu is a brand launched in 2015 by Matteo Pelizzi, young designer born in Rome in 1983. After his studies, Matteo Pelizzi has had various work experience with major fashion houses. The need to express his vision of fashion has led him to the creation of his personal brand that responds to the cry of freedom and independence.

In balance between symmetrical geometries, essential cuts, monochrome fabrics, Patrick Mathieu is characterized by an unconventional taste. Unisex collections, outside of trends, break schemes and definitions, challenge obsolete classicism and become precursors of a new concept of fashion.

Garments fluids, handmade with high quality materials, characterized by careful work to detail, entirely Made in Italy, designed to be worn without distinction both man and woman. Because men and women are rooted in each other: they are interdependent, mutually originated, one can not exist without the other, perfect pieces of a puzzle that is life. For info