Pugnetti Parma: bags designed and meticulously crafted to last in time beyond any trend. Opposing a contemporary setting increasingly smart and fast, the Pugnetti Parma bags are characterized by clean lines expertly calibrated to detail, accurate and never excessive, far from opulent. Fine leather, hand crafted with ancient traditions craftsmanship. Fine line between refined preciousness and refused ostentation.

Behind this ingenious philosophy is hiding an artist mind, that of Filippo Pugnetti. Explosive combination of tradition, dynamism, technology and avant-garde. He has excellent collaborations:at the laboratory Jean Claude in Parmahe learns to treat crocodile, ostrich, calf leather and to work entirely using only his hands, from pattern to finished design. After this important training he is ready to pursue other avenues, meet new realities: Francesco Scognamiglio, Chloè, The Bridge.

Back in Italy he feels ready to debut, his most autobiographical interpretation: in 2015 he launched the brand Pugnetti Parma. Right there where it all began, where his fate was sealed. The real turning point, the brilliant idea is reached an ordinary day when his eyes are placed randomly on a workbook, the bag of a technician lifts. Pockets, bolts, manly rigidity in his thoughts had already undressed and covered with delicate, fluid femininity. So suddenly it born Lift Bag: the softness of the leather meets the Venetian Tuscan leather strap.

To close the circle of the perfect ensemble, the plated finishes in 24 carat gold. A few basic details, nothing superfluous. Articulated into more color options and different types of skin, such as the sublime version of python, the Lift Bag is the must-have, the iconic representation of a brand destined to overwhelm the fashion system. Apparent simplicity, composure, instead of real treasure, hidden wealth, crossroads of multiple patient craftsmanship processes. The calm after the storm. Handbags as stories, anecdotes all containers of survivors undaunted tolling of the time. For info http://www.pugnettiparma.com/

Giulia Fucile