Are you looking for Fall look ideas? Between must-haves and new trends, let yourself be inspired by our style tips: today's theme? What to wear in October!

To end the month with a flourish, the first thing to do is to change your wardrobe: make space and order in your wardrobe, trying to create look ideas already in the arrangement. Prefer iconic and versatile garments, easy to mix and wear on different occasions: every season has its own trends it is true, but if you focus on iconic, high quality and timeless beauty garments you will always have an updated wardrobe in step with the times.


The first style tips to face Fall with the right look is to create layered outfits without looking clumsy and awkward. Choose and measure the heaviness well starting from the lightest and shortest garment below to the longest and heaviest one above: any ideas?

A beautiful one-color suit to wear alone in the hottest hours or with a maxi trench coat or a long light coat in the coldest hours. Do you love skirts? Wear a feminine pencil skirt with a blouse or a shirt and have fun creating a layering effect with a soft cape or a long and cocoon-effect cardigan.


October, thanks to its still warm temperatures, is one of the perfect months to dress up a casual chic style. But beware: don't leave anything to chance… casual yes, messy no! Combine, for example, a classic pair of jeans with handmade in loafers Italy and a handbag in warm colors, reminiscent of the season: embellish everything with maxi jewels and you're done. Another idea? Mix glam elements with rock pieces such as exclusive suits, baggy trousers, or tailored jackets with gritty ankle boots.

So are you ready? Follow our style tips and choose what to wear in October!