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Boring? Never! Out of style? No, they that have ruled fashion! I guess you’re wondering what we’re talking about … shirts obviously, without any doubt!

Yesterday, today and in the days to come, shirts will always triumph among new trends and in our Most Wanted. They reinvent themselves with more structured cuts and see-through fabrics that between a soft fold and the other, reveal the sinuosity of the female body or explode in abstract prints and pop colors.

An exemplary garment of the sartorial tradition, timeless and omnipresent, the shirt make them agree all: from the woman lover of cheeky and playful looks to the one who lives her solemn refinement with rigor.

Sculpture with fictional volumes, flounces and ruffles; ethereal veiled blouses, or even romantic among drapes and balloon sleeves, deconstructed with cut-outs or embellished with embroidery. Shirts are noble garments that you can show off on different occasions, if you want to get a clean shot or flaunt extravagant ensembles, to dress different bodyshapes and hostile tastes on the surface… other clues?

Made of silk or denim,the shirt sew nostalgic shapes when paired with a pencil skirt; classic (it can not be missed in the wardrobe), the Oxford one is ideal for a smart casual style, knotted or in combo with a blazer … a little tip? If oversize the victory is guaranteed!

On the podium the leather shirt, burgundy to break the monotony of black, flared sleeves, contrasting cuffs and collars … you still want some more, don’t you? Alright then, we give up! For you, who would never have enough of shirts, here are exclusive gems that should not to be missed.

Most Wanted Shirts: velvet shirt by di The B


Brown Velvet Shirt – The B

High collar, velvet, cut-out details: The B proposal is a refined revisitation of the shirt. Greedy, it does not miss a thing, from the colour that evokes the flavors of the earth and the colors of the season, to the design that winks at the 70s.

Most Wanted Shirts: shirt by Yojiro


Origami Wings Shirt – Yojiro Kake

Ethereal, sophisticated, of a deep blue like the night sky, classic yet unseen shapes … this is the shirt by Yojiro Kake. A wearable work of art that glorifies the precious technique of origami.

Most Wanted Shirts: chemisier by Lau


Chemisier Ellen Squared – LĀU

The minimal cuts of the shirt by LĀU dress a sophisticated and contemporary woman. A shirt-dress that intrigues for its pattern and the red details that stand out on the figure.

Most Wanted Shirts: denim shirt by Yekaterina Ivankova


Paris denim shirt – Yekaterina Ivankova

The denim builds a boxy silhouette on the female figure. Wide three-quarter sleeves, knot on the collar and lots of cheekiness. An essential garment with clean lines but a bold spirit.

Most Wanted Shirts: shirt with ruffles by The B


Light blue poplin shirt – The B

The ruffles outline a romantic femininity, the proposal of The B fits perfectly with the refined taste of the modern woman. Elegant, versatile, simply a masterpiece.

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