Colorful, cool, exclusive: summer jewels revolutionize our looks thanks to their originality. Unique pieces, often protagonists, which with craftsmanship and different styles, always make us feel perfect to face this hot season.

The jewels of this summer 2021 love to play with shapes and colors, but never with quality. High. They complete elegant outfits but not only: their precious touch immediately makes even the most casual or minimal outfits special, or even those to take on vacation.

Are you ready to sparkle? Get inspired by our selection! From maxi earrings to chain necklaces, from colored rings to charms, end the summer in style by choosing the right jewels!

Among the most beloved jewels of the summer, chains are confirmed. A great return, a classic that for some seasons has returned to the protagonist of our jewelry box. Short, round neck and maxi but also long or bracelet, the chains immediately make your look glamorous, even the most minimal. 

Another inspiration comes from the past, from the 90s: the beads, the nuggets, the colors take us back in time. With lightness and a lot of desire for color. To be mixed and worn together, the rainbow jewels of summer have fun not only in their nuances but also in their playful shapes.

Other jewels to have in your jewelry box this summer and beyond? The sartorial and eco-sustainable ones. Spectacular necklaces, collars, large colored bracelets: the made in Italy artisan brands do not focus only on design but also on raw materials. Sought after and increasingly sustainable, like the entire supply chain they embrace. By transforming waste materials into precious jewels.

The ancient technique of lost wax casting, the reference to the past but with a contemporary and refined taste: among the most loved summer jewels there are them, those who wink at vintage, at the timeless beauty of unique creations made of metal and combined with precious or semiprecious stones. Classics to wear combined by opting for a complete set or alone: cameos, coins, pearls but also large sculptures made entirely by hand.

Enhance your summer (and not only!) with our selection of jewels: run and discover them!