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Colors, shapes, contrasts. CHIARA DAVERIO, an emerging brand of made in Italy bags, creates and offers a new elegance. Quality, classy but also fresh, colorful and young.

CHIARA DAVERIO bags are as special as the women who choose them. Exclusive and refined but with that touch of irony and originality that makes them even more unique and fascinating.

The 100% Italian brand, just like its creations, combines and brings together two souls that are only apparently different and distant. Tradition and innovation. CHIARA DAVERIO hand down bag after bag the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship, never forgetting that fresh and contemporary touch.

The experience of craftsmen combines with the innovative design of a brand that is attentive to style as much as to quality. The search for materials, from leathers to fabrics, is an integral part of the long creative process of CHIARA DAVERIO bags.

The Milanese brand has the name and style of the homonymous designer. Shapes and colors characterize and light up unique creations, the lines rewrite the great classics, giving them an interpretation that is faithful to tradition but new at the same time.

From Milano, the iconic bag with the silk band, to the Mini Lady that re-proposes the famous handbag in perfect CHIARA DAVERIO style. And then again Scala, to be carried by hand: its essential design, embellished by the silk band, a distinctive sign of the Milano collection, is mixed with research and attention to detail.

The shapes are becoming more and more interesting and original in the Life Season line, the history of Tyrolean culture here combined with a contemporary and cosmopolitan vision. La Mirandola is inspired by the embroidered and colorful bodices of the Tyrolean tradition: its comfortable volumes enclose an elegant and design bag, equipped with a 100% silk bag closure. Another must by CHIARA DAVERIO? The Glon Glon, whose shape recalls that of the typical mountain cowbell, here designed to become an absolutely exclusive bag. The handle makes it not only practical but a real gem of style!

What are you waiting for? Discover the CHIARA DAVERIO bags!

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