Yellow, lime, baby pink, green, caramel brown, orange, warm shades that recall the colors of the earth but also vintage and pastel tones. There is no doubt: the colorful bags light up our style and color looks.

Bags are, together with shoes, that accessory that makes the difference in the look. Even the most classic models, if colored, can give that extra edge to basic outfits. A maxi tote in fantasy, a practical shoulder bag in pastel shades, a bucket in bold colors… From shapes to colors, in terms of bags, green light for creativity!


While waiting for the summer, the bags warm up our style with their colors. Iconic, the colorful bags literally stand out. And wear… even in the strongest colors! Well yes, because the latest inspirations suggest us to wear them with ease even in combos with contrasting shades or for the bravest in monochromatic total looks.

Have fun shuffling the cards, combining classic garments with more whimsical accessories. A large shopper, in very soft green and fuchsia nappa leather like the one signed by the Tuscan brand Cristian Marcucci, ideal for coloring your office outfits, from the classic tailored suit to the femininity of a pencil skirt, to the intensity of yellow interpreted by Maizena with charm and the elegance of their Saffiano it up to the multifunctionality of the Alessio Ravaioli bags, a real touch of color and class.


And then again the design and the full color of a beautiful bucket like that of Virginia Severini, the maxi Valier Venetia tote (available in several variants), the Ishtar by Maison Porpora, the "cloud" by Carlotta Ambra or the color patterns by Irevedì. Color and craftsmanship come together in Clemsa's creations, unique and entirely handmade pieces. Another brand, another style, another nuance: Chiara Daverio plays with mix and match creating super colored bags perfect to make your dailywear special.

Light up your looks with style and immediately discover all our colorful bags!