Daizy Shely is contrast, creativity, beauty come together in a creative emotional motion creating disarming creations. Daizy Shely collections are very feminine, sometimes bon ton, with an opulence of fabrics and details, shaped through a drama that seems to become a fragile shield of sweetness.

Aliza Shalai Daizy, designer of Israeli origin, completes his studies at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and in 2011 decided to create his brand Daizy Shely creating a collection that truly reflects his personality and his mood . Over time and with the passing of the seasons has maintained a consistent style that defines the features of his brand and that led the young designer to win the tenth edition of "Who Is On Next", the scouting project conceived and produced by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italy.

For the Autumn - Winter 2016 are brought on stage once again contrasts, or rather a web of contrasts, between combinations of strong colors, mixed fabrics, cuts and volumes. Daizi Shely presents a collection made of femininity and elegance of detail decided and unexpected, between melancholy and drama reveals a mysterious and beautiful woman. For info http://www.daizyshely.com/