Federico Cina: the name isn’t new to you? You’d be right, because we’ve already talked about him some time, and some collections, ago. A star born into fashion, a designer who, with grit and unmistakable style, increasingly emerges for his talent and creativity. Even whilst still a student Federico was already being noticed by journalists, experts in the sector, as well as receiving many prizes and recognitions including an honourable mention at the Polimoda Fashion Show, where he studied and graduated. And now Federico Cina is among the finalists of Who Is On Next?2019.His brand, established in 2016, is an emotional account that unfolds itself through new shapes and volumes that mix past with present. His creative residence is in Sarsina, his city of birth which isn’t a coincidence: his roots for him are an integral part of his creative path and process. The exploration of topics among which are family and experimentation, the surpassing of conventions and stereotypes: Federico Cina interprets important concepts through art and innovation, offering to them an interesting vision.And the Spring-Summer 2019 collection remains loyal to the profound essence of the brand. A path alive with amplified and altered emotions. Exaggerations and contrasts translate to garments bright with neon colours like the strength of yellow, and the intensity of green and blue. Tailored looks bow to the future, for him and for her: sportswear and elegance cohabit in the same outfits, where logos and overlays are plenty. Soft volumes, pleated textiles, also high collars, skirts worn over long trousers, and hoodies matched unexpectedly with feminine minidresses. In a play on style and personality, constrictions fade and sensations get confused. They confuse. The spring summer 2019 collection signed Federico Cina has not only visual potential but also emotive potential. Or rather, reflective. It causes reflections, it involves and envelopes. For info and contact www.federicocina.it