La Débraillée is a brand, a name and a solution for our frenetic everyday. It is a project of Alice Rosignoli that takes its form from clean lines and essential shapes. The bags are versatile, innovative and of infinite possibilities, or better, functions. A product designer transferred to Paris, Alice founded her brand in 2016. No fancy words or beating about the bush, but rather a direct declaration of a decisive, clear and dynamic style. Unexpected transformations, peculiar details, so many different ways to wear that item that is no longer just a simple bag. The form springs from its function, and it is on this philosophy that La Débraillée is born. Alice Rosignoli, from Turin, concluded her University studies in Industrial Design in Florence, living then in London and later Paris, collaborating with different businesses in the furniture sector for which she realised prototypes using leather amongst other materials. At a certain point with some leftover scraps of leather, she started to stitch together bags, first for herself and later to satisfy the continuous requests from the people who got struck more and more by her special creations. In a short interview, Alice reveals what’s inside her bags!Hi Alice, functional research together with aesthetic cleanliness have always accompanied you. Do you want to tell us something more about your brand, not just about its evident beauty but also, more than anything about its practical substance? “Yes, the brand La Débraillée was established in Paris in 2016 and it distinguishes itself by its great attention to practicality. The shape springs from functionality and from the position the bag intends to take. The models are distinguished by their uses and their original characteristics: pouches that can be carried on the wrist, backpacks that transform into shoppers and those that surprise us with pockets designed to tuck a jacket in… They are invented as solutions, for living the everyday.”Alice, your bags are synonymous to minimalism and multifunctionalism, but they’re also distinguished by their colours. Your relationship with colour is truly very special...“I would say so, yes. The first La Débraillée bags were exclusively black: I used just that tone to further enhance the functional aspect and let slip the superfluous, hence also the colour. To this all-black continuous collection I then integrated a series of pieces realised in different tones every season: the next will be in grey, military green and vibrant yellow.”Where do you produce your creations? “They are all produced in Italy, in the Marche region. The production process is strongly connected to tradition and handcraft and sees the use of fine leather tanned in Italy, all equipped with certifications for workers’ safety and respect for the environment.” Discover all models at