WOObag is the brand which has made exclusive bags out of wood! Birch, ash, ebony, pear: nature blends with creativity becoming itself the protagonist, a blank page for writing and designing unique and eco-friendly accessories. Throughout a lengthy crafting process, the wood chosen and used for WOObag is rendered soft, then sewn and joined to the fine leather. Heady essences, unrepeatable grain, original pieces born to be lived. Sara Da Dalt and Sheila Pierobon, two young architects from Treviso, with a common background in interior design and a passion for fashion, founded Officina nr.3 in 2015, a small creative workshop to plan and develop their own ideas, such as the WOObag line. The innovation of this brand is expressed in its search for new materials: bags in surprisingly soft wood, in a clear-cut, minimal design. And here in a short interview we have these two creative young women, the founders of the project, relating the history of WOObag…It really is a great pleasure to meet you and to be able to actually see your creations! Your bags are indeed very special, above all due to the material: why have you chosen wood and what made you aim at an eco-friendly stance, thus encouraging an increasingly sustainable fashion concept? "We come from a background as architects, so we have worked for a long time with wood. And then it was quite a natural evolution, besides our enthusiasm for the fashion world which helped us to build this collection. We use real wood, rendered soft and flexible through a specific work process thus making it particularly suitable for bags. Furthermore, this year we have introduced a new organic material, composed of real flowers and spices, which are dried and pressed, forming various layers, used to create the main section of the bags. We’re experimenting with the hope of coming up with original ideas every time!"And what inspires the shape of the bags? "The shapes recall architecture, clean-cut lines and geometry where the main element has to be the material so we’re aiming at essential, minimal lines. In the last collection we introduced the Macaron bag, a small, round hatbox to carry by hand or over the shoulder, which adds to the range of the other rectangular or squared shaped bags already present."WOObag is a young brand which already has a striking personality. Where do you manufacture your collections? “Made in Italy’ is certainly a prominent feature of our bags, which are elaborated in Treviso and made in the best artisan workshops in Italy. Every item is entirely the result of thorough and handcrafted work. Each piece is unique and exclusive."How do see yourselves and WOObag in the future? “We’re very satisfied with how things are going at present, but we certainly hope to do even better in the future with increasingly positive results.” For info & contact www.woobag.it