La Débraillée, a brand that fuses form and substance. Elegant and essential in lines, yet always extremely practical and versatile, La Débrailléee bags are aimed at dynamic people, who move with ease in the urban landscape, bags that allow you to feel at ease in any context, in the rapid changes of background that the city involves.The product designer Alice Rosignoli launches in 2016 Le Débraillée, a 100% made in Italy and 100% minimal chic handbags brand. Well yes because if that curious French word translates as unkempt, Alice's creations are an ode to sophisticated elegance but always attentive to the comfort and functionality (hence precisely the choice of this word game!). Made with the soft leather of a famous Vicentino tannery, La Débraillée bags stand out for their unique and essential style. From the paper pattern to the finished product, each step is carried out to perfection and craftsmanship. But let's jump back and better understand what lies behind this name so French from the DNA, however, all Italian.
"Attention is given above all to the function from which springs the shape, always minimal and elegant but with fun and unexpected details"
Alice Rosignoli was born in Turin and graduated in Industrial Design in Florence, and then moved first to London and then to Paris, where she lives from 2008 to 2018. After collaborating with major companies in the furniture industry and have created prototypes of complement furnishings, Alice finds herself face to face with so many leather scraps to reuse. To be transformed, just like her passion at work.This is how the bags were born, so the La Débraillée brand was born: from the first creations designed for themselves, to the appreciation of friends, up to the increasingly numerous requests from people who fell in love with her fantastic creations, her talent. Following her ... bag after bag. La Débraillée produces entirely in Italy, in a small family-run factory in Teramo: the raw materials are carefully selected to guarantee not only beauty but also substance.
"The intention is not wish to conform to the trend of the moment, but to create a product that lasts over time."
Resistance, durability, comfort ... all in one bag! The cleanliness and geometry of the shapes melts into the softness of a leather that screams quality. The caducity of trends is surpassed by a conception of exclusive style, outside the schemes and the seasons.Alongside the must-haves, the collection is extended by a limited number of models: black, like versatility, never fails. Red, white and blue tips peek out between the contemporary minimalism of total black. The capacious backpack unwraps the shoulder straps and transforms into a tote bag, the trompe l'oeil pouch becomes a clutch bag thanks to the removable waistband, the clutch takes you like a real sleeve ... La Débraillée uses an idiom shaped by necessity, does not care about seasonal collections preferring a continuative collection, conceptually coherent, aesthetically unique. For info