Maria Lamanna: tangible charm of yesteryear, aesthetics of essential profiles, determined, linear. Stylistic compromise, amalgamation of different elements for a qualitative experimentation that redesigns the versatility and beauty standards.

Maria Lamanna, born in 1981, daughter of two architects, was born in Parma where she studied History of Modern Art. In 2007 she moved to South Africa to work as an organizer of meetings Business to Business for the Italian Chamber of Commerce. The idea of creating a unique brand of handbags was created in her mind as early as the 2010, when unsatisfied she can not find one suited to its needs and closer to personal taste. So she decides to draw it and make it produce creating a very soon an accessory desired and even required by her closest acquaintances. After the distribution in small shops in Johannesburg and Cape Town a limited collection of bags from her designed and developed, in 2012 she decided to return to Italy and officially launch her eponymous, prestigious brand "Maria Lamanna".

Rare leather interior, meticulous and studied stitching, high quality leather, for a product steeped in craftsmanship and exclusive production Made in Italy. In its projects, all to be flaunted, are observed distant inspirations, flash black and white, a remote distant past but somewhat familiar: resemblances of ancient memories, bags once parades on the arm of mothers and grandmothers, now proposed again with a different allure , freshest, most innovative. Vintage versus modernity. Iconic bag so strong and powerful to resist the stream of fashion. Obstinate oaks, never bent to the continuous change of the fashion system. Maria Lamanna consciously choose to override the concept of collection, she prefers a fashion philosophy linked to creations, consistent with each other; reinterpreted models mostly in color.

White, black, camel, magenta: ubiquitous shades juxtaposed in the Spring - Summer 2016 to delicate pink melon and decorated with touches of gold and silver. Small circular Dinner & Dance, ace in the hole of the coolest look, to hit with sinuous maxi fringes. The Mini Romeo, geometric mini bag inlaid with gold profiles: timeless good taste. Revolutionary Papoose, mystical union of the belt and clutches for a unique result. Blues, maxi clutch bag with square shapes, embellished with gold thread-like edges, perfect for every occasion. Bags independent as women who proudly wear them. Precious objects in their simple and never exhibitionist state of being. For info

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