Start your summer with a march…and six additional colours! From fashion show to the wardrobe, here are the six must colours of summer 2019. Are you ready to discover them all and add them to your outfits? Not all of them together, obviously! Regarding hair it’s already known that for it’s season it’s indisputably peach blonde. A mix of warm shades from blonde to copper, ending in pink tips. For clothes and accessories on the other hand, things (and colours) change, even if not for everything…Living Coral It’s being talked about and…worn amidst the outfits of everyone! Chosen as colour of 2019 by Pantone who defined it “a rich colour, constantly present in the real world around us and extensively present in social media”, the living colour is joyous and vital, a charge of energy ready to renovate our wardrobe, and more. More delicate than orange but more intense than pink, it’s a fresh and encapsulating tone. Do you love it but don’t actually know how to combine it with other things? Tinge a single garment or accessory from your look with this nuance and play with contrasts for the rest. Let’s whip out a few tricks…Original and in grand vogue with shades of blue, sophisticated when coupled with beige and cream, perfect for the evenings mixed with metallic colours like gold and silver. Do you like easy wins? Wear it with white and you can’t go wrong!Toffee Brown Have a gluttinous summer! Intense like coffee, rich like chocolate, sweet like honey. It’s not a proper brown, but neither is it beige…it’s toffee brown! Its vibrant nuance softens even the most structural garments; it goes with many different colour ways but the total look version is also a winner!Sweet Lilac Delicate, fragile and so irresistibly romantic. It’s the most fragile shade of the palette from powder lilac to jaunty baby lilac. Want to astound everyone? Wear it as a total look to ensure elegance: monochrome suits, long, light fluid dresses, mini dresses. You can pair it with white and neutral tones but also with stronger tints like orange, green and red for a wow effect.Aspen Gold The colour that will make you shine. It’s true that this year yellow is worse than parsley, it’s everywhere! But in this declination it will illuminate your look even more in style and trend. Warm and embracing, it’s great in combination with black, grey and yes, olive green too.Pepper Stem Literally that. But what colour is it? Halfway between green and yellow it’s a modern colour, pungent and particular. Luminous and fresh, it’s suitable for those who are daring and desire to escape from the usual schemes (and colours). Ideal paired with gold, addictively fashionable with purple, or why not contrast it with the deepest blue?Princess Blue Blue painted with blue. The most tranquillising colour for antonomasia belongs with the most determined outfits and looks. Today the historic colour of denim becomes majestic and brilliant, posing itself on all types of garments including jackets, suits and elegant dresses perfect for events and ceremonies. Combine it with yellow, green or orange for a more jaunty effect, or with shades of pink, white, metallic colours or black for an immediately sophisticated look.For a summer at full volume…and full colour!